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We offer a broad range of business, scientific and technical translation services. Our work includes patents, material safety data sheets, FDA submissions, technical manuals, contracts and R&D documentation in every area of technology and science.


Our translations of drug studies, biotechnology reports, and CRF’s have aided companies in deciding whether to pursue work on novel therapeutics, and to ascertain the usefulness of pharmaceutical products already on the market in various countries, based on published results. Phoenix Translations is also the leading translation authority for Case Study Ongoing Communication and Summary materials.


Journal articles along with case studies, treatment protocols, and patient consent forms, as well as patents related to medical devices and state-of-the-art techniques, have been the principal focus of our work in this field.


Phoenix Translations has successfully carried out large-scale projects involving lawsuits concerning patent infringements and intellectual property disputes. Work at this level has entailed very precise translation and a high level of organization.

Crop Protection

Our translations of pesticides, control strategy programs helps in regulatory affair issues and biological science journals dealing with plant pathology, applied zoology and weed science.

Chemical / Chemical Engineering

Documents focusing on equipment used in batch processes and mass production techniques, for the most part obtained as industrial company-issued plans, patents, or specifications, have constituted a major share of translations work in this field.

Electrical Engineering

Electronic circuitry predominates in this area of expertise, including the translation of systems plans used by international manufacturers of semiconductors and computer chip technology.

Mechanical Engineering

For companies in this field, Phoenix Translations has produced manuals for tools and machines, as well as guides for the operation of cameras and related photographic equipment.


Our translations work in this area has included patents, papers and international standards documentation for grid plans used in digital telecommunications, along with user brochures for consumer devices such as cellular phones.